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I be with you until the end.

On the road again......

Well, I'm off to my hometown of Columbus, MS this weekend. I wish it was for some good news and only there to see my family and friends, but I'm going back to be at a friend of the family funeral. So I be gone tomorrow afternoon and be back sometime Sunday. I'm hoping the next time I go home, it will be for good things and not sadness.

Btw, since I'm going to be gone tomorrow, I would love to wishzxfactor and my dear sister a Happy Birthday tomorrow. I hope the both of you have a great and wonderful Birthday!! 


Sorry to hear that Megumi. Will be thinking about you tomorrow. Have a safe trip and be blessed!


Thank-you for the kinds words and the well wishes on traveling Black. Thanks for being a great friend and I chat with you soon. :D and *hugs again*
So sorry to hear that Megumi. :( Be safe and we'll talk you soon!


Thank-you TGB. I try to be safe going and coming back home to MS. Thanks for being a great friend and I chat with you soon too. :D
Megumi, sorry to hear about your friend. Have safe travels and thank so much for the B-Day wishes!


Oh Thank-you Zeta for you kind words and friendship.I will be safe on my travels. Oh you are so welcome about the birthday wishes. I hope you have a great day today and I chat with you later. :D
Sending you my condolences and prayers Megumi!


Thank-you Idjukie for your kind words, prayers, and friendship.:) I chat with you very soon.