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I be with you until the end.

I had Tonsillitis and it's the worst feeling ever.

I mean I was fine Tuesday night, but I felt that the back of my throat was a little painful. Yet I didn't pay it no attention to it, because I'm used to getting sore throat and that wasn't what a sore throat felt like. Wednesday comes and I got a mild fever. Well I been through a fever to so biggie there either. But then Wednesday night  came and everything when down hill after that. I mean I had swollen lymph glands in neck, a fever, it was very painful to shallow everything but cold things and I couldn't talk at all because throat was so swollen. Don't even talk about eating anything. I haven't eating a solid meal since Tuesday night and I tried to eat some soups, but the soups just make my throat hurt worst. So I been drinking  plenty of cold water, juice, and powerade and it's been doing the trick. I have been getting rest, but it's hard when your throat is so painful that it keeps you up at night. But it is getting better and I hope to be completely health sometime next week. I do find all this funny since I'm talking a health class right now. I wasn't taking care of myself and I plan to do so for now on.  So I just wanted everybody to know what been going on with me  these last few days and I'm so much better than I was Wed. and Thurs but still a little under the weather. 

Lord forbid for any of you to ever get  tonsilltis, but if you  any of you do, get plenty of rest if you can,drink plenty of fluids, jello, and ice cream. Ice cream has been my life saver these last few days. Actually I need to get some more too. Hmm....


I'm so sorry your sick Megumi, and tonsilltis is the worst. I hate sore throats with a passion. I'm glad you at least get ice cream though. :) I'm glad you're feeling better though. :)
Sore throats are the root of evil TBG. Thank-you for the well wishes. :) Yes, I'm planning to get some ice cream very soon and I hope I get better soon.
So sorry to hear you're sick. Tonsillitis is no joke. Take care of yourself and feel better soon!
Black. I would not wish my worst enemy to have Tonsilitis. It's that painful. I'm trying to get better and thank-you for the well wishes. :)