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Um, why me?

Gawd, why me!!

This is what is up with me the last few days. I had to end up going to the EM and get two shots for my tonsillitis. Thank-God that the shots work. I'm doing so much better except for my tastebuds are all mess-up. I hope I get to taste what I'm eating real soon. Now to my major problems. First my laptop is  fuck-up. Right now, I'm typing normally, but any minute now my computer will act-up and I will not be able to type anything until the crazy period is over, then everything is back to normal. That sucks when you got projects to due for your online school. Speaking of school, I just found out that my team members may have bail-out on me about our project that is due on Monday. I been so sick and trying to caught-up with my own work at school, that I haven't been paying attention to my team message board until lastnigjht. If I end up doing this Powerpoint all by myself, then I'm going to be one piss off girl. Luckly the Powerpoint is easy. It just talking about High Blood Pressure and Colon Cancer, but this is suppose to be a TEAM PROJECT!! All this drama right before I only have a week of class left, then I get my degree!!!. If I do decide to get my masters, I'm so waiting two months after I get my degree. This road to getting my degree in Accounting has been HELL, but well worth it. Wish me luck on finishing my last project, with or without the help of my team members. Slackers!!!!!!


I'm sorry you've had such a tough week, I hope things get better with school and your laptop. Computer problems suck, especially when your addicted to the web like like I am. :D

Sending positive vibes your way. :)
Thanks TBG, I need the good vibes. It seems that I overreacted about my classmembers and things are going okay there. Yet m laptop is still awful. I get through this before it all said and done. Thanks again for being a great friend. hugs!!
Oh Megumi, I'm so sorry for your hard week. Tonsil problems (and throat problems in general) suck! There is absolutely nothing worse than not being able to swallow or when it hurts to swallow. At least you got some meds to ease the inflamation. I hear ya on the team project. I was that chick who sat in the corner by herself with a stamp on her forehead that read doesn't play well with others. I loathe group projects (1)because I'm kind of a control freak and (2)dead weight is inevitable. There is always someone (or the whole group) that doesn't want to pull their load. It's frustrating, I know but keep hope alive and if you have to do it alone make it the best damn powerpoint presentation there is! Good luck and I'll send a prayer up for ya! :)

Edited at 2009-01-25 05:16 am (UTC)
Thank-you for the well wishes Idjunkie. Well, I check with my team members and this seems to be okay for now. So we will have a great PowerPoint done before Monday!! Idj, I been dealing with team members for the past few years at school and it can be a hit ot miss girl. I so been there when a team member is such a slacker. I guess they make us do team project, so we know how to act during the 'real work force' ,but I hate it all the same. Thanks again for the well wishes and I hope to be doing so much better very soon.