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I be with you until the end.

I actually graduated from my school!!!!

Oh my, I finally earn my BA in Accounting from University of Phoenix Online on Monday.  Yes! I started on this mission in 1998, but left school on 2001 to get my mind straight and focus on other things. I decided to return to school in 2005 and now my time had come and my mission has been completed.  It been such a long process and I can't believed it's over. Well, not finish yet, I have to fax a form to get my diploma.  One of the pit-falls for getting a degree from online. Then my silly self decided to sign-up for getting a MBA in Busniess Finance starting in the end of February. I was going to wait until April to start on my Masters, but those hype men.. um Academic Workers talk some good game and I thought it may be better to start sooner than later. Beside, it just for a year and a half. Not bad at all if you think about it.

As for now, I'm going to relax for a week or two, then start looking at the job force. Gawd, that is going to be scary, but I'm up for the challenge. :)


Yay! Congrats Megumi *hugs* That's got to feel amazing, it's such an achievment. Good luck with your MBA too. It's gonna be such a rewarding experience, I promise.


Thanks Black! Yeah, it's very rewarding and I feel so happy that I was able to acheived this goal too. I'm looking forward to earning my MBA in the future. Thanks for the well wishes also. :D
\o/ Yay!

Congrats on such an awesome achivement! So happy for you and good luck with the job hunting. :)


Thanks TBG!!! Yeah, it's a great achivement and thanks for the well wishes for job hunting and finish my classes also. :D
Congrats Chica.. Red or White.

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Thanks Zeta and it's Sparkling Red or White Grape Juice. I don't drink, but thanks for the offer. :D
Congratulations Megumi! What a wonderful accomplishment! You should be celebrating! And don't worry about the job force... think positively and it will come to you. I left Vegas with no job here in Dallas and after being here a month I started looking and found a job in a week. God is good! :)


Thanks Idjunkie! Yes, I'm really proud of myself and I plan to celebrate sometime or another. Oh I believe the job hunting will not be bad at all. It just making the move to look for a job is going to be hardest part about everything. Oh that is so great about you moving from Vega to Dallas and found a job. I'm in awe of you for making sure a move for yourself. Many people wouldn't or couldn't do that, but like you said, God is good! Thanks for the well wishes and kind words. :D