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I be with you until the end.

My strange love for non canon parings in fandom/fanfiction.

Over the years, I been a reader of so many fanfiction parings from fandom. One thing I notice about of all the fanfiction parings I enjoy to read about, almost all the pariings were alternate or non cannon couples. This was the case if the fandom they belong to had ended or still go on today.


I believe my love for alternate couples started with Storm and Wolverine from X-men in 1998 to Tangeline today. I was never a big fan of the canon couples. I always found them either boring or their story was already told from canon so why would I want to sit there and read about them so more in fanfiction?!

Though Storm and Wolverine was the first alt. paring I read, my very first love for alt. paring really came from the Sailor Moon universe in the form of Sailor Mercury and General Zoisite.Only the Manga version of them, don't even bother with the anime version of SM, it will make you head hurt. :LOL:  These two are shown as my icon if you want to see what they look like. In the Manga, they was only hinted at as a couple from a picture at the end of the 1st arc of Sailor Moon Manga (the pictue below). But the picture was very powerful and cause a huge library of fanfictions about them and the other saliors and generals.

Aren't they cute!

Of course they aren't written about as much as they were in the past, but I do find a great story of them every now and then.

Another alt. paring I begin to love to death was Megumi Takani & Aoshi Shinomori form Rurouni Kenshin. And of course this  is where my user name Megumi can from. Oh I can go on and on about Megumi and Aoshi. This is another alt. paring that have such interesting beginnings. Megumi was captured and held by Aoshi and his men, because she was a force to make drugs by this punk who control Aoshi and his men. The punk was able to control Aoshi and his men due to the fact that Aoshi needed a job that would included his men because Aoshi's men was known as freak and they just couldn't work any job even in Meiji Japan. This was a great story line arc in the Rurouni Kenshin universe.  I believed I enjoyed these two so much because they were so more matured and real than the people they were supposed to be paired with in the RK universe. Picture of them together.


 Like I said before, they were interesting.

As you can see, I'm was a big fan of anime/manga when I was younger. Another loved I have was video games None was bigger than Street Fighter II.  Which brings to talked about another favorite non couple from series,Ryu and Chun Li. I still don't know to this day why the makers of Street Fighter didn't go ahead and put these two together. Their so call background was similar and they just fit together. But all these years, Capcom still choose to keep them separated. Maybe it is for the best. Anyway, here are the kicking ass duo.


All the non-couples really helped me deal with what happen to Tangie at OWLTL.  The whole situation about what happen to Tangie was just fuck-up on all levels, but I was able to deal what happen to them faster than other. And in a crazy way, this may have been a blessing in  disguise. Yes, I'm still bitter that we didn't get Tangeline played on our screen, yet we all know how soaps do couples. I just know that those fools would have runied Tangie to all lenghts before it was all said and done.  So I'm really enjoying seeing their story told in fanfiction from great writers like Black and Reese.  But I still got to ask....  How in the hell you let this go!!!



At the end of the day, I just a fan and I wanted to share some of my favorite parings that shape the way I view other parings or couples in fanfiction I read today.


I was never a big fan of the canon couples. I always found them either boring or their story was already told from canon so why would I want to sit there and read about them so more in fanfiction?!

*nods in agreement* That's pretty much how I feel about pairings too, I rarely write cannon, and if I do, I always write what wasn't shown, like backstory or a continuation. But you're right, it can be tedious to read fic after fic about a couple already together on the show. I have that in several of the fandoms I write for a the moment, and I can't bring myself to read those stories.

I love that you love manga. I've never got into it, though I am a huge comic book fan right now. But I dealt with tons of those books when I worked at bookstores, I've always wanted to read, but felt a little intimidated.
TBG, that been my stand on canon fictions since I started reading fanfiction. Canon couples just suck in fanfiction no matter how talented the writer is or how the writer shake-up the canon couple world, their story has been written already. Unless their story is base on back story or continution.

I got into manga by accident. I was watching some anime series and I heard that most of anime shows were base on manga comics. So I check some of them out. Just like comicbooks, mangas are always better than the anime version of the story. The only thing that suck with reading mangas are that you have to read from the right to the left in most of the books. That's why I don't read them as much in my older age. :LOL: but SM and RK manga kick so much ass. :D Girl power and Hot Men with swords. You can't go wrong with those themes. :LOL: