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Feeling Down

Why do people take other people/things for granted?

*Sighs* I wish more people would say thank-you when you do things for them. Now I don't mind doing things for people because I always had the need to help people since I was young, but I wish it could just received some gratitude for my kindness. I'm not looking for some high praise worship, but just a simple thank-you is good enough for me. I swear that  some of the young generation are growing-up being very full of themselves and not thinking of others and don't realize that in just a second, their love ones and personal things can be taken from them at a drop of a hat. Yet, there are some younger people that are very kind and don't take people or things for granted. I hope there are more people who realize the when you do good things for others, good things will come back to you. Okay I'm over my rant now.


I think people fail to understand the value of others. However I appreciate you. Thank You for Being You!

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Aww, Thank-you Zeta!! You just made my day. :D And I thank-you for being you too!
This is one of my pet peeves too. I love doing things for people, but when they act ungrateful it takes the fun out of it. *sighs and hugs you* I appreciate you Megumi. :D
Yeah, that's what makes you not want to help people at time. But every now and then, you have someone who shows you how very thankful he or she is for having you in their life. *hugs back* Thanks TBG and I appreciated you too TBG. :)
Late to the party, but I so agree with your post. It always surprises me when I go out of my way to do something and get silence in return.
Hey Black, you are never too late for the party. Ogh, I can't stand that either or you get the 'I suppose to do this thing for you look from the ungrateful ones* *Grrs*